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Marriage & Forgiveness

Many marriage relationships are affected by the hurts of the past. Betrayal and emotional distance can tear a marriage relationship apart. At some point one person cries out for change, often demanding a divorce or by moving out of the house. The real issue is that they need change because the place they are is too painful.

How do we move beyond all of this? There is no quick or easy answer. The process of forgiveness is a very long process because it always involves grief and loss on many levels. In the beginning the wound is raw and hurts so much that it is difficult for one to imagine how healing could ever take place. After a while the wound begins to heal, slowly, one can in small ways earn trust by being consistently loving and committed.

The end result after years of healing is that one day you realize the wounds from the past do not hurt as much as they used to, you see the scar it has left but you are able to move forward. You ultimately grow in love together and change together as a couple. This takes a lot of hard work but it is possible. If you are struggling in your marriage, do not give up hope! God can make anything from nothing.

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