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I get so excited every year the Military Spouse Wellness Summit rolls around because I know how good those interviews are! The speakers are amazing and relate to service life! This year they are focusing on purpose and if you know anything about my strengths you would know I am a person who finds living out purpose top priority! When we are able to live purpose we find true passion! My passion and purpose in life has always been to help others. I cannot explain the joy I experience when I see someone heal from brokenness. I especially love helping military spouses and couples with the challenges of military life! To see couples who struggle to communicate grow closer through our work together! It is the most rewarding thing ever! If you are truly living your dream, you never feel like you are working at all! Isn't that wonderful?!

When I was younger I was always the person my friends came to for support. I have this memory of my best friend from high school like it was yesterday. She suffered from panic attacks and would often have to rush from class to the bathroom. No one in the class, including the teacher, knew what was going on with her. I would wait a few minutes and meet her in the girls bathroom and talk her through the the attack. She had an especially scary one this particular day and I just remember her telling me how grateful she that I was always there to support her. I knew my purpose was to help people in need. That is what I love doing today!!

Another perspective of purpose is living with intention. Doing the things to care for ourselves, to enrich our lives, our marriage and family! These interviews always offer wonderful information to enrich your life! Nutrition can really revolutionize your life! I lost 40 lbs by changing my diet. It took some intention and dedication but in the end I felt better physically, mentally and emotionally! What you put into your body is important! Exercise is something I do for stress relief. I only do it to feel less stressed and if I cannot get to barre/yoga class I do a routine at home! Moving with purpose can help you feel so much better about life!

I don't know about you but this can be challenging while juggling busy and unpredictable work schedules of the military and service life? It is difficult to find time to exercise with the work schedule and kids' schedules! It is not so easy to eat healthy when you are living a fast paced lifestyle! You learn so much about eating healthy, taking care of your body with exercise, eliminating stress and so much more! The best part is you don't have to travel, you don't need child care! That is another reason I love this virtual summit. You can listen from anywhere you are, no matter what your schedule looks like! You listen while cooking dinner, doing laundry, after the kids go to bed!

The all access ticket allows you to access the awesome Wellness Lounge where you get breakout sessions on nutrition and every style of workout routine you can think of! It is truly amazing!! I was able to join right away, before the summit and enjoy all the amazing wellness about the power of food and using yoga as a stress relieving exercise routine! There is support and accountability for runners as well! It is a great opportunity to talk and interact with the speakers and other military and first responder spouses who are attending the summit!

Will you join me to find a Life with Purpose?! I hope so!! As an Event Ambassador I am able to give you a 50% discount on the All Access Ticket Price! Use Code: DINAHMSWS19.

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