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Taming The Tempers

When you live with PTSD or trauma disorders managing anger can be a challenge. When we think of anger most people think of shouting or some other form of anger out toward others. Although many people have anger outbursts directed at others. Many people struggle with anger toward themselves or what we call anger in. They direct all their anger inward toward themselves. No matter where the anger is directed it can be destructive to anything in it's path. Which is the reason it is important to tame the anger.

One way to do this is recognize the signs of anger. There are physical, emotional and mental signals that anger is rising. If one can identify the signals and take a pause using therapeutic tools it is possible to respond calmly rather than exploding in outburst. This in turn can bring peace in daily life and especially in relationship with others.

If you struggle with anger take some time to tame that temper! It could really make a big difference in your world.

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