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Ray of Hope

In a world of chaos, stress and dark places we need to see hope. When things are going wrong in our world and the world around us it is good to see the good things to help us remember there will be better days ahead.

Even on the most stressful days there are rays of hope and encouragement that shine through. I remember one morning driving to my clinic practice. Everything seemed to be going wrong, traffic was bad, there were delays, and of course when I arrived at our office building there was zero parking. As I pulled into a very crowded street my anxiety was rising but I turned into the parking lot, hoping to find a spot, somewhere. Just as I was driving up, someone in the front parking spots backed out. There was my hope for the day! After that, my day turned around. I have shared this story with many clients and I am hopeful it will help others as it helped me.

Look for hope, refocus on the positive and I pray you find the joys of life again!

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