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Freedom From Anxiety

Life with anxiety can make you miserable. It robs people of peace and the joy of life. What if I told you there was a path to living life free of anxiety? It may seem foreign, especially since we live in a stressful world however it is very possible to take charge of anxiety.

Mindfulness and relaxation can be used in multiple ways to reduce stress and better manage anxiety. It entails tuning into your five senses and using them to calm your mind and body. It is important to recognize the physical ques of anxiety then once you identify those warning signs you can begin practicing mindfulness and relaxation to bring calm. Smell is especially powerful especially when it comes to memory. It can take you back to a memory in seconds. For example, if when you visited your grandmother she always baked you apple pie, the smell of apple pie can take you back to that memory almost immediately.

The important thing is that you find something that works well for you and practice it routinely. We are creatures of habit so whatever we do the most is what is going to work most effectively. So diffuse some lavender and imagine yourself in a peaceful spot and step closer to a live free from anxiety.

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