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Life After Trauma

Trauma can leave scars that are not so visible to the human eye. It can be overwhelming, stressful and scary at times. Those who have been changed by traumatic events live with an extreme amount of stress that often casts a dark cloud over everyday life.

Flashbacks can be triggered and this often results in panic attacks followed by worry that it could happen again. People often worry about safety, may isolate from people, even those they love and struggle with anger. Due to these challenges it is important to find retreat to relieve the stress and anxiety.

A retreat does not mean you have to stop your day completely. It can be small breaks even while you are still at work. There are lots of little relaxation exercises one could engage in to relief the tension little by little throughout the day. It can be as simple as chewing gum, diffusing essential oils or listening to soothing music. It all comes down to taking care of yourself. I hope you find time for you soon!

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